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EASA regulations for Flight Time Limits (FTL) are applicable from 18 February 2016.

The regulations apply to European commercial air transport by aeroplane.

They are determing flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements.

FTL Calc - EASA Flight Time Limit Calculator helps you to calculate

- cockpit and cabin limits

- actual and maximum flight duty periods (FDP)

- latest on-block times

- duty periods (DP)

- actual and minimum rest times

- state of acclimatization

- commanders discretion

- extended recovery rest periods

- cumulative duty limits

 It considers

- extension of cabin FDP due to earlier reporting time

- in-flight rest for cockpit and cabin (different rules)

- split duty

- extension

- positioning

- time zone differences

- your home base

You don't have to know time zones

- simply select an airport from the database

- time zone is determined by airport and date

- select only reporting airport of first duty day

- and the resting airport per duty day

- next reporting airport will be your last resting airport

- your home base will be known (preferences)

Cabin and cockpit limits:

- may have different reporting times

- in-flight rest is different

- are calculated independently



- are stored automatically 

- are shown in an own table

- with FDPs and rest times overview

- for cockpit and cabin

- on iPad in a split view

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